Bienvenue! My name is Nina, and I'm a 17 year old university student with a love for interior design. I created this blog to showcase my interior design inspiration, style favorites, wish lists and dreams. What first started off as constantly reblogging photosets of city apartments on Tumblr has suddenly morphed into putting my not so tiny obsession into words and blog posts. I hope you enjoy my little fantasy world, and I hope I inspire you.

A little bit more about me & what I love...

I love fashion and traveling and world cultures.

I love reading and large cups of coffee and Le Petit Prince.

I love drinking tea by the window when it's raining outside and curling up under a blanket.

I love going to art museums, discovering little cafés and exploring the city.

I love journaling and writing and poetry even though I'm not very good.

I love making lists and seeing a dog tug on its leash so it can come say hi to me.

I love indie music and the beach and Paris.

I love baking and cooking and trying out new recipes.

I love sharing my story and interior inspirations with you.

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