Sunday, May 3, 2015

Inspiration: Erin Hanson (The Poetic Underground)

Erin Hanson is a 19 year old Australian poet who became famous through her website The Poetic Underground, which she launched in 2011. She has published two books of her poetry, which I am dying to get my hands on, as well as set up a service where she writes and sends personalized poetry to people all over the world. Poetry and I have a love hate relationship. There are poems I despise, and poems that I can truly connect to, that touch my soul. Hanson's poems do just that. Her poetry often uses everyday items and concepts to create metaphors that reveal great truths about life, love and our society, themes which are often hard to talk about in day to day conversation. Here are some of my favorite poems by her.


  1. why don't you do her for your poetry project silly

    1. I am silly keandog approved the other day

  2. do any of these have titles?